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A unique media meeting point

Feature your advertisement on Finnair's award-winning in-flight entertainment system. Pre-roll advertisements play before movies and TV shows, ensuring high visibility.

Full attention

Our long-haul flights provide an extended opportunity to connect with a captive audience. With fewer distractions, passengers pay closer attention to the advertisements.

Access to global audience

With long-haul destinations on three continents, Finnair provides highly global reach. Connect with a select audience interested in topics around business and leisure.

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Exclusive environment

Our modern Nordic cabin environment is unique place for passengers to focus on your advertisement.  

The award-winning cabin design provides exclusive environment for your message.

Together we can promote your brand in a memorable way. 

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A global route network

It has been 100 years since our journey began. What started as a postal route across the Baltic Sea has become a global network with a purpose. 

With 16 long-haul destinations on three continents, we provide a truly global reach for your marketing message. 

We want to help our passengers explore the world – to encounter new people, places and cultures with an open mind. We carry 3 million passengers annually, of which business travellers make up approximately 20%.

Points of departure

Positioned in the North, we bridge the world with our smooth travel experiences. Our global reach is reflected in the distribution of points of departure for our long-haul flights. 

As our route network moves westward, we maintain a strong offering in Europe and Asia.

Award-winning in-flight entertainment system

Your advertisement will play on our award-winning in-flight entertainment system. Our fleet boasts over 7,000 high-definition screens across 25 aircraft. 

The screens provide passengers with the latest entertainment and relevant travel information.

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Seatback screens in Finnair travel classes

Business Class

18” high-definition screens

Explore our Business Class cabin in 3D

Premium Economy

13” high-definition screens (16” on front rows)

Explore our Premium Economy cabin in 3D

Economy Class

12” high-definition screens

Explore our Economy Class cabin in 3D

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